Case Study: Baird Foods

The Baird Foods Group, founded in 2005, is a family-run business based in Crewe, UK. The management has over 40 years of experience in the meat / food industry, including owning and operating slaughter houses, cutting plants and centrally prepared retail packing plants.

My name is Barry Baird, director of Baird Foods Services based in Crewe. We’re a pork processing plant, deboning legs, bellies and shoulders, with further processing and freezing onsite. We supply to mainland UK and European manufacturers.

We now purchase all of our box pallets from Sirius Asset Solutions with the SiriusSense system. We know their location on a daily basis and the system is fast and very user friendly.

“We’re stopped losing a quarter of our box pallets every year with the new Sirius Sense tracking system. That loss and cost had to stop.”

We have 300 box pallets with the SiriusSense system. Previously we were losing 20-25% of our box pallets per annum. We’ve now reduced our losses by 85% to less than 5% per annum.

Barry Baird


Our online daily report gives you all the information you will need to track and flag any unplanned movements of your box pallets.

Using the online SiriusSense system gives us access to a table list of all our box pallets with columns for device name, map link, tracking history and geozone status.

Clicking on the ‘map link’ brings up a Google Map showing the exact location of the box pallet, as shown above. This can be toggled to a satellite view to give us a bird’s eye view of the buildings in the vicinity.

Clicking on the ‘tracking history’ gives us a 90 day history of where the box pallet has been along with maps showing the location on any one of these 90 days.

The ‘geozone status’ field is coloured red or green to show whether or not the box pallet is currently located at facilities we have set up in advance on the SiriusLive system. This gives us an early warning of box pallets that might be lost.

We have 9 staff at the head office, with 3 currently using the system. It’s a very easy system to use. Any staff member with 10-15 minutes of training can get up and running and be using this system without any problems at all.

We use dedicated vehicles to pick-up box pallets from customers after use. We were frequently finding that customers had ‘lost’ our box pallets by sending or using them elsewhere. We were losing around 75 box pallets a year from our pool of 300 box pallets.

The SiriusSense system gives us an audit trail that enables us to either bill customers for the loss or require them to ship the box pallets back to us at their own expense. That’s reduced our losses to less than ten box pallets a year.

It is really ease to use. We had our staff up and running in 15 minutes and saving money.

We know where our box pallets are, we can schedule them now more efficiently and we can easily recover any lost or stolen box pallets.

It's a win-win all around.

The Bottom Line.

Baird Foods has radically reduced the loss rate on its box pallets using the new SiriusSense system from Sirius Asset Solutions. Over four years this has saved £35,000 (the cost of 200 box pallets).