Introducing the DolavLive box pallet

Sirius Asset Solutions Ltd

Track the location of your Dolavs and cut your typical Dolav losses by up to 85% per annum to less than 5% with our DolavLive technology. Purchase or rent them from new, or have us retrofit them to your existing Dolavs.

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About Sirius Asset Solutions Ltd

And our Sirius DolavLive box pallet

We are a British company that offers asset management solutions for Dolavs. Using our trackable and traceable DolavLive box pallets, we can save you money, reduce your losses, and optimise your distribution system.

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Dolav Live Box pallet

The DolavLive box pallet

Using our DolavLive box pallets, you could reduce your typical pallet losses of 85% per annum to 5% or less.

DolavLive box pallet


We can retrofit our technology to your existing Dolav Box Pallets at your location, with no disruption to your business.

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Case Study: Baird Food

Case Study: Baird Foods

Baird Foods Services in Crewe has 40 years of experience in the meat industry and runs a fleet of 300 Dolavs. They have reduced their losses from 75 Dolavs to less than 10 per year using our DolavLive technology.

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About Us

Sirius Asset Solutions Ltd, a private UK based company founded in 2017, is run by directors with experience in the fresh meat, security, IT and Asset Tracking sectors.

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